Thursday, September 13, 2007

Virginia Diner

We stopped in this diner for lunch (before the conference, but there has been so much going on, I am backtracking a little bit). The inside was all about The King, Elvis. There was even a motorcycle in the restaurant.

The place had two sections, one for smoking, and one for non-smoking. Even two sections are pretty much unheard of here in New England at this point.

Anyway, there were some people in the restaurant, but not many. However, the hostess told us that we had to sit in the smoking section ("But no one's smokin' there righ'now, hunny") becauser there was a prayer meeting going on in the non-smoking section.

Oh, how I felt like Dorothy saying we're not in Kansas anymore. We were so not in Massachusetts anymore.

I have never been told, in the company of small children, that I had to sit in a smoking section because a bunch of men were praying.

Oh, yeah, and this statue was outside. Thank goodness the pancakes rocked and the coffee was awesome. Otherwise, I might have been completely freaked out.

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