Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lunch in Manhatten

Yep, that's what we did. Just popped on into NYC for a little lunch on our way home yesterday. What was it that Jon said? Oh, yeah, we are all going to die. I guess that means seize the day.

My brother, urban mental mapper extraordinaire, was able to guide us to a parking space and restaurant, people watching spot and cheap gift shop from atop some scaffold in Boston or something.

He is AMAZING that way, like having a human GPS for a relative.

I called him from the Lincoln tunnel, saying we had decided to try to see something of New York, and had about 2 hours. He said some things to me, street names, encouraging sounds about how easy it was to drive around the city, general tips and something about watching the meters.....

I know now to just let it all wash over me like he's a hypnotist and I'll get somewhere great.

And, yep, he did it again!

We saw a couple of tattoo parlors, a head shop (are they still called that? I am so unhip), the CBGB gift shop, and a great comic book store that Declan loved. Ella got some henna tattoo stuff from a Tibetan man and some magnetic rocks from an Indian.

We were having the best pizza, and had one of those New York moments.

There was a young, preppy looking 20-something sitting next to us. His cell phone rang.

He answered, "Chad here. What can I do for you?" All business. Suddenly he sounds like a high powered agent or something.

Oh, yeah, I had to listen in.

So he goes on, "Yeah. There is No. Way. we are getting in that space. The place is padlocked. I can't pick it. I can't break it. I can't card it and the super is not taking a bribe."

Hee hee. Gotta love New York. We are SO going back.

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AnneO said...


I am SO excited that you *stopped* by Manhattan! I love reading about your trip and I just signed up for my first blog subscription ever...NOT because you have a photo of my boys (;-), but because I LOVE following the adventures of your awesome intense children and their amazing Mama, and I get to see more of the *Declan* show.