Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy to be Home

We are happy to be home. We rolled the windows down as we crossed the Sagamore bridge and yelled "Hooray for SEA LEVEL hooray for SEA LEVEL!"

There was a beautiful sunset, and the air smelled so delicious. It was salty and sparkly and yummy to my nose.

The pugs clearly missed us all. We have been having a big cuddle fest on the couch and they were so happy to take a walk with us today. As I had anticipated, the bird is snubbing me. When Ozzie finally came home from his other house, he was so happy to see me he joined both pugs and sat on my lap too!!! Of course, he doesn't mind Joy, and he jumped right down when he realized that Milo was huddled under the blanket, too.

My mom came down and we walked through our sweet little village, aka "New England Land at Disney". It couldn't be more like a postcard. I am conflicted about this, as I like a little disorder and rebellion, but it is comforting that it pretty much is always the same.
We had a wonderful day reconnecting with my mom and our town. It feels like we are home, now. Tomorrow, we are going to visit the Fire Station and have lunch with Tom and Jenny. That should be nice, too. We can all wear our fire helmets into Friendly's!

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