Monday, September 10, 2007

Blue Ridge Parkway

Nature girl is getting used to the altitude, Declan didn't want to stand so close to the edge.

We think that these are gypsy moth nests. Either that or Spiderman and Mary Jane's babies. There has been some debate in the car.
The Blue Ridge Parkway (which runs up to the Smokey Mountains) is unbelievebly beautiful!! What a place. There are these lookouts along the way, and I could have stopped at every single one!

Also, there are tourist info centers. We stopped at as many of those as possible. They are elaborate, with gift shops, etc. The best one was the Gem Museum. And it is all free!

The National Park Service is great. I think that every time I travel. We have a passport (if you go anywhere, I recommend getting one) and we have collected about 10 stamps for it on this trip. The park service people are so happy to talk to you and share information, as well.

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