Thursday, September 13, 2007

Amy Steinberg

Yay! She is coming to TOAD on October 4th! I think it may the perfect venue for Ella to see her in, as I know the place (didn't Auntie Shaunda work there for a minute?), and it is pretty intimate, and hopefully won't be completely overwhelming. Maybe earplugs would be a good idea this time around.

So? Who's coming?
Who knows that they are Exactly Where They Need to Be?

I have heard that she is little, uh, graphic in person and says the F-word. I think we can survive that. It won't be anything my kiddos didn't hear when I found out I was going south to travel from North Carolina to Massachusetts. It was not a pretty Mom moment (blushing).

If you (gasp!) don't know her, you can check her out at


AnneO said...

Aw, I'd give ANYTHING to see Amy with you guys!! Anything but extensive driving...


Thankfully, I get to see her TWO days after you see her, and with only a less than 2 hour drive.

She was careful about her language at the house party because there were so many children there...but probably not so much at a regular performance.

Rue said...

Oh - I wish we had known! We'd have loved to come with you. We saw her at the Lovejoy's and Rowan just loved her - her music and her funny, cussing, self :o).