Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Back in the Swing of Things

We are back into our crazy schedule. How can it be when I had so many good intentions of being very laid back?!?!

Oh, who am I kidding. I am just not laid back.

Declan found this cool vine to swing on, isn't it great?

Today we had Writer's Workshop, and we are doing a big project. I try to have the kids really enjoy what they are doing, and so I asked if they would like two weeks to make their Author Biography posters. Of course, they ALL wanted to get it done in one week. I tried to impress on the parents that they kids could take longer....we'll see how it goes.

Doesn't Ella look like she just discovered a whole new landscape? Maybe she did.

We had what may be the final swim of the season today. We went to Hathaway's pond and splashed around this afternoon. The water was actually pretty warm, so we were all in. Okay, I admit it, I was only in up to my waist, but I was in a bathing suit!

Then, we went to this great store called Edelweiss in our neighborhood and got some sculpting wax and a ladybug ball. Then we *had* to hit the beach in order to try out the ball and see if the puggies would be interested in fetch.

They aren't.

They love the beach, tho.

Yummy fresh fish for dinner and it was pretty much a perfect Cape Cod fall day.

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