Saturday, September 8, 2007

Talent Shows and Funshops

Ella ended up running a little impromptu funshop on how to make yarn dolls. They were into it! She is so great at explaining how to do things. She gets the detail oriented explanations from her dad, and the delivery from me.
I am bummed that my pictures of the talent show are coming out so dark. This is the band formerly known as The Ohman Family singers. As they have evolved (from singing with mechanical hamsters to singing with actual instruments), they are apparently in search of a new name. The band is conflicted over something deep and meaningful (Navigating Rapids or something) OR something not meaningful (Hot Dog Lips or something).

Ideas anyone? How about HotDogs with Meaning?

These sweet boys were able to show Declan how to duel yesterday. It was the highlight (so far) of the trip!

Ah, the sheer joy of dancing on tables with glow sticks! Does anyone else ever wonder if they are raising children who will be really really popular at raves?

Do people even have raves anymore?

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AnneO said...

OHMYGOD! We are LAUGHING our BUTTS off from reading your comments. We actually LOVE the name you gave us: "The Band Formerly Known as the Ohman Family Singers"!!

And everything else you wrote is hysterical.

Would you just narrate our lives, please?? And not so much your own?


OK...I'll stop commenting on every blog post of yours now. I *do* have a life of my own, you know...(albeit one un-narrated for the most part by witty and eloquent Jessica...).