Monday, September 10, 2007


I never posted about my superhero boy standing with Batman! How cute is he? Asheville is a really cool town with all sorts of funky nooks to see. We couldn't squish it all in to one afternoon, but we tried despite the heat.
Oh, just look at these wonderful women. How I love them! Oh, and now I see Quinn is peeking in the background, and Anna's Dave, too....they can be included in the circle of love.

We were at this point all into the chocolate experience we had had and feeling really glad that Jake wanted to go into this groovy Woolworth Walk Art Gallery. I wish I had taken a picture of the floor, because it reminded me of the stores in Harvard Square when I was a kid.
I think that the glow-y quality of picture is perfect for how I felt about that lunch. All a-glow and happy. Declan is blurry, also perfectly capturing his energy of the day as he was a bundle of all kinds of stuff.

The restuarant had a Star Wars wall with all the band characters from the bar scene. There was a wall of remotes, a wall of DVD covers that were turned into tiles. It was all kinds of cool. They were also very very nice about the fact that we re-arranged all there furniture, since, as Anne said, "We all drove pretty far to have lunch together".
I took the picture for two reasons. Ella thought that the big butt lady looked like me and what we call my Butt Of Power. I thought that the cat picture was outstanding. It says We are Cat. Resistence is Futile. Geek humor, I know, but you can't live with Ian for so many years and not get a bit geeked out seeing Star Trek Humor in odd places.

We had the coolest time in Asheville!

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