Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Leap of Faith

She is SO BRAVE.
I learn from her every day.
Love it.

Ocean Swimming

This summer has been pretty amazing, and I think it is in part because my kids are so comfortable in the water. This is the first summer in about a decade that I have not been to the beach with a kid needing me *in* the water with me. Today, we skipped down to our local pond for a quick dip. After the thunderstorms last night, there was a definite chill to the water that I was not ready for.

As much as I love fall, it is coming at me too fast and I plan to suck all the summer out of the next few weeks as I can.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


We have been so lucky this year to have great friends come to visit. One of the best was these beautiful girls and their mama who were our neighbors for a fun filled week. Don't let the sweet, innocent grin fool you. This girl is a nut with a whoopie cushion or a joke camera!
This just says it all.
Declan was quite patient with all the girl-y energy. Water helps.

Joy's Summer

Joy has had quite the summer. First she got an infection and was cold all the time. Then, she needed a cone for all her itches, and finally the guests have taken their toll.
Such a pitiful baby!
Then, she wore her cone and contacted aliens who turned her eyes all glow-y and possessed. Spooky.
Phew! Back to normal.
Until this little guy to visit. Oh, sure, he looks cute, but he is puppy! Play, play, play, play, play, eat Joy's food, play, play, play, walk, play, play. Joy's schedule is more like nap, nap, play, nap, quick pee, nap, cuddle, play, nap....She is so very patient with the kids, even the littlest ones who are intrigued by all her facial folds.
I love this last picture. It is so funny to me. Ella looks all beached-out, the puppy is so cute, and Joy looks like she really really needs a return to her nap-heavy schedule. *grin*.

The Simple Things

Ah....the simple pleasure of some things! This is a hermit crab (you probably knew that). But, it began life as a one of those little tablets that you place in water and watch grow.

Since then, it has been a scientific experiment, a photo art model, and has now inspired some pretty awesomely designed digs on my kitchen counter.

Strangely, unlike most things in my house it has no name. Suggestions, anyone?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Declan's Lego Birthday

My sweet sweet six year old. I love this little face so much!
The Minifig says "Happy Birthday Declan" :)
Okay, so I can't have a career in cake making. That is for sure. I keep trying, and goddess bless his little heart, Declan always thinks the cake is great. At least this was better than the Poke ball fiasco of 2006. But, I have to admit that somehow the red of the Poke ball and the "red" of this cake were somehow that same light shade (of "not pink").

The "before" picture in the reverse home makeover that is any birthday celebration.
And then there is the after. So much better :)