Saturday, October 27, 2007

Visiting Chloe

This is a place in Dover, New York called the Stone Church . It is really beautiful, and you should link to the site if you really want good pictures. Declan and Harry, Chloe's son, are both five and they played so well together.

Although Declan was a little tired at the start, after we got in the shade, we basically chased Harry and Declan to the stone church.

This is the view at sunset from Chloe's backyard. She was such a wonderful hostess and it was so good of her to have us come and stay. I am sure it isn't easy having me, my mom (the rabid Red Sox fan) and the kids come and stay in your home, but she was very nice about it.

It is so nice for my mom to have this continuing link to Lila, as it is just about a year since she passed away. It is one thing to lose a person, but to lose all connection to her family would be just too hard. Chloe has really been a wonderful bridge to make us still feel some kind of connection to her still, as I hope we are for her.

We were all talking about how much Lila would have loved seeing Chloe there, but would have wanted to make sure that the people she works for are treating her well.

This picture typifies the whole trip. Declan and Harry ran ahead of us pretty much the whole three days. I think Declan is still tired from it.

This is one of the vistas from Chloe's work. Her family seems very contented and happy there in this beautiful setting and great part of the country.

Ella said most of it was like a fairy garden, since there were little stone steps and big ferns and babbling brooks. It was so clean, Ella could walk barefoot through the woods, which was really fairy-like.

Oh, there is so much to write about, and life just keeps flowing on! I am trying to get to everything!


Mandaroo said...

What beautiful peaceful pictures. I love the one of the kids walking down the field.

harmonywood said...

The pictures are BEAUTIFUL! It makes me want to visit there too!
Sounds like a wonderful time!

~livefreeinharmony(on xanga)

Anne O said...

Hey! That looks like the view from *MY* front yard. Were you in my neighborhood and didn't tell me??