Saturday, October 27, 2007


Declan has some serious moves as a Jedi, doncha think? He is here rockin' the light saber moves. Our church has a no weapons at the Halloween/Samhain party. We ended the party with a big fire at the graveyard behind the church which more than made up for the lack of a light saber at the party.
This is the pumpkin that barely made it through the door! I had to include the picture of the girl, since that night Ella and she had the same hair (hee hee).
Ella was going to be Sandy gone bad, and have a devil tail and a pair of horns, but she decided to go as straight Sandy. How about that poodle skirt? I think the whole point of the costume was that awesome wig.
Yep. That is the Hokey-pokey. I love this picture, because Ella has at this point ditched her wig, her neck scarf and finally her skirt. This is mid-turn, she is actually in the front really rockin' the hokey pokey. Declan was in the hall covering his ears. The hokey pokey is NOT what it is all about for him.

Halloween is getting pretty exciting around here! Nana helped the kids pick out Declan's costume and Ella's wig, and they are looking ready to trick or treat. Nana is completely flinging herself into grandparent-hood (not that she wasn't already), and has become a Red Sox Fan. Yep. A raving lunatic fan, in fact.
One never quite knows what life will bring.

Tompa came over yesterday for a pre-view of the outfits and to check out the goings-on. He just got back from DC so we compared notes. He made it to the National Museum of American Indian, which we found out after our trip has the best kept secret lunch! He said it was excellent, and he ate there twice. It has been very cool, because our town was one of only ten towns choosen as America's Hometown and it has been a nationally recognized honor. I am sure it is in part to all the hard work Tom has done to help people with housing over the years.

Ella has already been to two Halloween parties. One was at 4-H and the girls who planned it did a great job. There were games, snacks, even Thriller dancing. Ella's friend Olivia had made a pumpkin that almost didn't fit through the door! Her father is an artist and it was made of "tape-r mache".
The hokey pokey dancing is at church and the other shots are 4-H.
I am sure that there will be more to follow since Halloween is still 5 days away.

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