Wednesday, October 3, 2007


We found a teeny pumpkin for the fairies, and Ella made this ladder.

Ella's grandma gave her this. It is actually a Christmas ornament.

Somehow, I feel that this project was stereotypically homeschool-y.

Ella loves the Magic Cabin catalogue (well, who doesn't?).

She decided to make a fairy house like the ones that they have there. She has an old tree in the back, called Old Burl. A burl is an outgrowth on a tree, but she got the name from a book called Tree Girl.

Here's the house. I love the slopey feel to it.
Anyway, Old Burl was willing to give us some rounds from his trunk, and although he is a fallen tree, he is not yet rotten. We measured and made a plan to make the house.

Ella has added these cute little wire figures, as well.

I think the wire dolls have a little bit of a punk rock feel.
So fun.

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Ren said...

I'd been thinking about fairies and making some fairy houses or having a fairy tea party outside lately.

It was nice to see your lovely photos. I'm inspired to go check out the book now! Thanks.