Friday, October 12, 2007

Cape Cod Wildlife Center

Today we went to the Cape Wildlife Center
and it was great! Although it staffed by only four full time people, they serve all animals in the area that are injured or sick or orphaned. They recently relocated to an old estate. It is like something out of an animals dreams! They have a hot tub that houses turtles, and the in ground pool is in the process of being converted into a salt water pool for seagull rehab. The mansion has rolling grounds with apple trees and berries and beautiful quiet, wooded corners for large kennel style cages for the squirrels, raccoons, opossums, coyotes, and foxes (among others) to recuperate and yet not become familiar with humans.

It was interesting to hear the woman who met with us talk about having your cat outdoors. The number one reason that animals come to her shelter is cat attack. Millions of birds are killed each year by cat attacks. I was shacked, and abashed as an outdoor cat owner.

One thing she said about cats really stuck with me. She said, "We treat cats as if they are wild animals. They have been domesticated since the age of the Egyptians. They are not wild."

We saw a red squirrel and I decided that that was the animal most like Declan. She said red squirrels were like regular grey squirrels on drugs.

I guess what we learned in Over The Hedge was pretty accurate after all. All that info, and learning the lyrics to "Rockin' the Suburbs"...hmmmm...was Over the Hedge more valuable than this field trip. Only time will tell.

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