Monday, October 1, 2007

Atwood House in Chatham

Today I got up early, packed my bag, made a delicious lunch of all kinds of snackeroos, the camera, a knife, some peanut butter, my date book, directions and sunscreen.

I felt like uber mom until I pulled out of the driveway and drove all the way to Chatham without any of that stuff.

Yep. It was all still on the kitchen table.

Oh well, no pictures of our great day, unfortunately.

The amazing Cathrine from the Cape Cod Maritime Museum led us in a great "Speech Without Sound" program today at the Atwood House in Chatham. She had the kids signaling with semaphore flags and decoding those signal flags.

We also had the fortune to have a dad there who knew Morse Code and had a transmitter in his car so we could listen to Morse Code on the little radio. I was glad we listened last, as it was quite humbling to hear how fast the signals are going over the wire.

Military personnel can transmit 60-80 WORDS a minute! I can't even write 60-80 words a minute. Uh, maybe I can. Hmmmmmm, I feel an experiment coming on.

After we went to this great park. One thing I really miss about living in the city is having an abundance of public parks with climbing structures. There just aren't that many around here. We are lucky enough to have one right down the street, but after living amidst so many parks, it can get boring to go to the same one every time.

It was lovely, and I think I met a really nice woman from Wellfleet. She seemed much more laid back than the other mom I met today who was taking about washing her kids mouth out with soap. She said she even got a mini bar of Dove and told her kids that the doctor gave it to her if they said bad words. This was the mom of the child who punched at least one kids from every other family there.

Go figure.

Deep breath.

Everyone is on their own path.

Maybe she really really needs that mini bar of soap in her life.

Or maybe just a minibar.

Maybe I need a minibar.


Zany Mom said...

Yeah, maybe the Mom needs the soap...

Sounds like you all had fun. :)

Beverly said...

My own blog entry for Oct. 1, 2007, also includes a family trip and forgetting the camera on our hike.