Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Getting Approval

This summer, I sent my letter in at the last minute, as usual. Then I went away for pretty much the first two weeks in Sept.

While I was gone, someone called and said I had filled out the wrong form.

Huh?...well, since I do a progress report and letter of intent with listed materials, I don't know why they couldn't write "see attached" on the *new* form, as I did on the *old* form.

Then, the day before I got back, some one called and said that the principal would like to meet with me. My dh was home, and he said, "Okay, she's away, but she'll set it up when she gets back."

Again, um, huh? And, no I won't.

The principal *can't* require a meeting. I called him and said I didn't want to cause any trouble, but felt that it was important to stay within the requirements of the law.

He said, "Well, you are the only homeschooler I know of!" (laughing, ha ha, you wacky woman, clearly implied).

I said (laughing slightly and gently), "All the better to not set a precident!"

Total silence on his end.

Then, he says, "Well, I'll talk to our lawyer and get back to you" (all laugher and bon homme gone now).

Now I freaked out.

But, I went about my business. I knew I was right and that I had every right to homeschool my child and that Massachusetts legal statutes require only that I be "of competent ability and good morals".

But, still I worried for two weeks, and didn't hear anything.

I contented myself by thinking that this was a new principal and he probably had bigger fish to fry than little ol' homeschoolin' mama me.

And two weeks later, I got my approval.

Monday in fact.


Madeline said...

wow! that was like reading the last chapter of a thriller. I am so glad that it ended the way it did. How articulate and think-on-your-feet are you to have responded to him so well.

livingnow said...

I really applaud your confidence and ease. It sounds like you were concerned but I'm sure the principal didn't see that and I'm glad that he learned how homeschooling actually works in our lovely state. Thanks for that! He may view home-schoolers with a slightly more open mind now. One can hope. :)