Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Carving Pumpkins

This one was really cute. Ella thought that the little ones would not be fun to carve, but they are sometimes the best.
She is really into this. Maybe she should be a sculptor. Note the fashion statement with the apron.
That one in the background is mine. I was glad that Ella made her marks smallish, because the finished pumpkin ended up with perfectly sized features.
My pumpkin had this really strange stringy spaghetti squash inside. It just kept coming and coming, and was really dry. We bought pumpkins a while ago, and had them outside, but it has been so warm here that they all rotted on the porch. They 'll go in compost tomorrow and feed the crows and coyotes probably.
So, anyway, we went to Trader Joe's today and snagged the last few mangy looking pumpkins. So what if one of them was so dried out it was filled with spaghetti? They were easy to carve!

Well....Declan really wanted to carve pumpkins, but Episode 1 of the Star Wars saga was on, so he kind of gave some creative input while I carved the pumpkin. I LOVE carving pumpkins, but for the last few years haven't really been able to carve the kind of pumpkin I like to carve.

Ella has gotten to be a completely independent carver, big knife and all. She is not crazy about getting all the guts scraped out. Could it be because I call them guts? Well look at them in the bowl. What else would you call them?

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Madeline said...

That first pumpkin is so cool! i just do not have the talent that you guys and my son have with this pumpkin carving. But I do love the guts and then roasting the seeds.

Your comment about self-esteem through a winning baseball team had us all laughing hard!