Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Lately, as anyone who knows us knows, we have been consumed by the completely over the top, Broadway style production of the Wizard of Oz. It has been completely crazy. Now it is over, and I am sorting through some of my thoughts about this whole experience.

But, one thing I have been thinking about as I watch the parents with their children is the idea that these little ones we raise are somehow a reflection of us as parents, and that by supporting them in an endeavor like this play, we are somehow "looking good."

Being good parents, having good kids, deserving of accolades for these little reflections of ourselves.

In so many ways, my children have nothing to do with me. I am simply a custodian until they can go off and make their mark. They are not, and never have been "mine." Even as a new mom with a little baby, I felt that my oldest was a miracle for the world. She wasn't some cool thing that made me somehow look better, like a nice car.

And not just because she was special (which of course I thought she was and think she is) but because each of us is a special contribution to the world. It is my job to make sure that I raise a child who is a beautiful addition to that world. My children - and your children - and you, dear reader - are the people the world needs.

My job is to facilitate ways for my children to flourish in the world, exactly as he and she need to be. Isn't that why I am here in this moment? All hormonally charged and procreating? So that I can be consumed for a while with my job as facilitator?

And then this time will be over, and they will continue to be the gifts that they are to the world and make more gifts.

But now, when I say, "Come to the play! See my child!" my motivation is to share the love I see created by her Being. Let's all bask in the wonder of this gift! I don't think I am saying, "Oh come and see what *I* have done." I feel that I am saying, "Oh, come and see what the Universe has given us~beautiful creative children, caring adults who are guiding them and letting them be great, letting them fail a little. Look at all the adults who love these children and are gathering just to love and clap and laugh. Oh what a glorious thing!"

I wish that this was the case more in our everyday lives. I think we should all applaud a bit more. What is wrong with some standing ovations for really great frozen pizza? How about a little whoop for finding matching socks? Microwaved your own after school snack? Totally rockin', dude.

I actually got a live CD the other day, and it starts with applause. Because I was thinking about how "performance" is applauded, not Being, I started playing the applause for the kids when I pick them up from school.

Now, when they get in the car, I crank it up, join in and say, "WOO HOO!! YOU'RE HERE!! YAY!!" Why not? It is exactly as inspiring to me that my kids walk down the stairs each morning and have breakfast with me as it is that they "do" something. Exactly. As. Inspiring.

Applause is great anytime, I think.

CLAP CLAP CLAP!! You read the whole post! You are a ROCK STAR, reader! Go on about your day and BE. That is exactly what you should do today.


Madeline said...

I applaud you and this blog! I'm so glad that you're back at it.

mindy said...

I love what you've written here...very powerful stuff.

Christy said...

I didn't realize your kids were going to school. I hope that is going ok for you all.