Monday, April 28, 2008

Butterscotch's Day Out

How cool is this? The kids took Butterscotch out for a walk in the yard during one of the beautiful days we had.

Boston LOVED Butterscotch, and they got along famously.

I am not sure if Butterscotch really understood what was going on at first, but then he seemed to really enjoy his fun in the sun.

Sometimes you buy things and you think, am I really actually buying this? Have I gone completely crazy? That's how I felt about buying Butterscotch's "outfit." But this made made it all worth it.

And just in case you were wondering about the much talked about cat (see earlier posts), he is still getting plenty of lovin'.

When I went to wake Declan up the other day, this is what I found. Ella and I crept around to get the camera and got this shot before either of them woke up. Is that a picture of love or what?

It almost makes up for the bunny incident. Oh, what the heck, it makes up for the bunny incident.


Madeline said...

OMG! FOr a second I really wondered if you guys believe in your hamster in the same way that my brother believes in his stuffed panda. Then I remembered your Butterscotch. Sorry Butterscotch, but that image of dragging the fake one gave me a great laugh.

And oh! For the love of a cat. That cat seems worthy of Declan's love.

Jessica said...

Oh, now *that* would be crazy lol. So much crazier than dragging a *real* guinea pig on a walk. That's not crazy, no....