Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our mascot

This is a horseshoe crab shell we found on the beach last fall. He has spent the winter on our porch.


Mostly on our porch.

Since horseshoe crabs shed their shells when they grow, this shell is very light since its former occupant left. Either that or it is possessed.

It keeps moving around the yard. It is in the dormant flower beds one day. By the driveway the next. We never know where he is going to show up. One morning he was by the mailbox. Remarkably, with all this travel he only has slight damage on the side of the shell. We've never found him upside down, and he is always pointing towards the street. Mysterious.

You can learn more about these ancient creatures here. We love 'em, even if we don't always want to swim with them. This is a beautiful book about the cycle of horseshoe crab spawning.
Unfortunately this book doesn't have any tips on what to do when a discarded horseshoe crab shell becomes possessed.
Maybe it just needs a name. Ideas?


Ian D. Hunt said...

The strangest part is when I see that he was on the steps before it gets dark and in the morning he is halfway across the lawn, pointing toward the beach...it's like some sort of Twilight Zone episode.

melmar said...

So...I am so happy to finally have a chance to catch up with your Blog. I am even more excited that you returned to blogging after your hiatus. Is that the correct term, 'blogging'? I am so unhip.
I was sorry to hear that some people made judgements about you regarding your recent life choices. Anyone who has judged you has obviously misjudged you and doesn't know you as well as they should. Shame on them.
You are a 'phenom' Mom with two great kids. The choices that you have made are selfless and are ,as always, in the best interest of your kiddos. I think you and your kids will continue to learn joyfully whether it be at home, in school or on top of Mount Everest- ooh, brrrr, cold!
By the way, my name suggestion for your 'Mascot' is Ichabod. Horseman, Horseshoe, a little mysterious, haunted and eerie- just a thought.

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