Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Talking Time

Conversation on the way home yesterday.....

D: In school we have this time when we can say whatever we want and we can talk as loud as we want and it is great. It is called Talking Time.

Me: Sounds great. When is it?

D: Really we haven't had it. It isn't yet. I made it up.

Me: Huh?

D: Well, I didn't make it up, but I haven't had it yet. But I know we have Talking Time. It is going to be so great when we have Talking Time because I am going to talk as much as I want.

Me: Maybe at recess?

D: Maybe, I think it is soon, because today when we were lining up my teacher said we all had to be quiet because it wasn't Talking Time. So she must have it on her schedule, right?


Madeline said...

LOL! This is so bittersweet. It is wonderful that he is sharing with you when you pick him up. When Gillen went to school at age 4, he wouldn't say a thing about school. I learned that he was enjoying it when I subbed at the school. That's how I learned that they couldn't speak except at recess, and in a low murmur at lunch. I love Declan's faith that it will all turn out o.k. He is so cool.

Christy said...

Oh, poor kid!