Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Dog Pawty

We went to a dog pawty today. It was for small breed dogs. It was so fun, and the dogs really loved it. Everyone was friendly, and Joy and Milo were very well behaved. They have been with loads of other dogs, so they were actually the first to be let off the leash for a run-around. Before we got there, everyone still had their dogs on the leash and there was quite a bit of barking.

Milo doesn't really like to play, so much, but Joy does. There was a cocker spaniel puppy there that was giving her a run for her money. They both like to make new friends.

They love each other best of all. It was cute to see how they would run around and then back to each other for a quick sniff and then off again, Joy kept checking in with her pack after every interaction she had with other dogs.

They are now exhausted, and snoring in their beds. Oh, they are snoring in one bed.

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