Monday, March 10, 2008

I didn't have enough to do...... I decided that I was going to cave to the lobbying by my son.

It was so very very worth it.

The plan was to name him Boba Fett. But, Declan decided that he was too sweet and should be called Butterscotch. They love each other!

See for yourself.
We rescued him from the local animal shelter. I think he has spent more time in Declan's arms than in the cage since we got him home. He is the sweetest, lovin-est guinea pig I have ever seen, not skittish at all, even when the Queen of All Puggies and Creatures in the House had to give him her inspection.


Madeline said...

The cutest guinea pig ever (and I am an anti-rodent woman) with the cutest kid. sigh.

Congratulations to Ella! I would have loved to see the ATC boards too, not that the eye wasn't fantastic.

Jessica said...

But I see, Madeline, that you are having your own rodent fun *grin*.

I am *not* a rodent fan, and have not wanted to get one since the hamster fiasco of 2002. But, oh, the sweetness of this new boy-pet relationship.

We actually recycled the ATC boards to set up a display at our local library and have a few ATC workshops that have evolved into an ATC club.

All is well.

Anne O said...

Tell Declan that his guinea pig is SOOOO much bigger than Sam's! Nugget is a little runt, smaller than the other piggies. Declan's is super super cute. Give him our love!! (And MAN, I loved reading all about Ella, too!)

Ellen said...

Okay, so another animal added to the menagerie. Did you think I wouldn't find out? Did you think just because his hair is the ecolor of Declan's I would warm to him? If you get those chickens, I'm through..I mean it, Jessica..finished...done!!!