Friday, March 7, 2008

Pledge of Allegiance

Oooh la la.

Of all the things I worried about, the pledge of allegiance was not one of them.

Both of my children want to opt out of that ritual. Declan thinks that the "under God" part is "not good".

We are not a religios family, as in consistently going to church. I would say we are spirtual. But, my son feels a deep connection to both God and Jesus. He said, about the pledge, that "God rocks, and should not be in with the flag or anything because he has really important things to do."

My daughter, true to form, feels that the pledge is part of the on-going brainwashing that occurs in school and does not want to (her words) "engage in anything that takes away from her individuality."

Separately, each child has approached me about this pledge of allegiance.

My son, once he realized after some discussion, that "under God" meant God was MORE important than the flag, said he would keep pledging.

Ella is just going to mouth the words and not say them out loud.


Madeline said...

wow. Your kids rock! Both of them. I am so glad that you are back here. Keep updating us, please.

And your "U" fact is jsut the most interesting one ever.

Ian D. Hunt said...

Man those kids rock. Just FYI, they had both asked me about the pledge also and I told them just not to say it if they didn't feel like it. I remember back when I started 6th grade, my first public school experience, I refused to say the pledge and my parents had to come in and talk to the principle...they finally wound up guilting me into it.

Jessica said...

Madeline, I thought that the U fact was one of those sentences that has like a bazillion bits of info in it. Ah, those early 70s days *g*.