Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Taking a few outside shots before the big freeze

This is Declan's new favorite face. I think of it as the "Mom, what you are doing right now is crazy" face. I had just pulled to the side of the road to snap some *priceless* pictures. So, yeah, he is usually right when he makes this face.

They are so loving to each other. They can drive each other nuts. This is the picture I will hold in my heart when they are making each other crazy.

Even the cat was getting a Christmas shot taken. We laugh all the time about Cute With Chris and have been taking photo shoots of our cat.
This is the 1856 General Store. There are two benches outside. We always sit on the Democrat side. After 20 years, they switched the sides so now the Dems are on the right (facing the store). I have not quite adjusted. Some things should remain the same. The benches in their rightful positions were immortalized in this ornament, but now....well....I suppose I will adjust. I just keep sitting in the wrong, or should I say, right side. Wait, I now sit on the right, left side. See.
It is a topsy turvey world.

"Mom, why are we at the beach? It is December. We are cooooooollllllllldddddddddd"
This is the most awesome train set. Coolio.
These are not the presents under our tree. Declan had had it at this point. As Madeline will attest, red heads ARE more sensitive to cold and heat and he stayed in the car. Ella was considering taking her shoes off. That girl loves the cold when it is on her terms.


Madeline said...

Love these pictures so much!

Tag! You're it. I hope you play - it's an 8 random/wierd things about you meme and you can find the rules at my blog.

Jessica said...

It's my first tag! I actually had been over to read and was prepared to get the tag:)

Erikka said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad you like Charly, I think he's the bomb myself. His art is really easy to replicate since it is a lot of primary shapes, so it could be fun crafty project-able with kids.