Wednesday, December 26, 2007

100 Posts

Wow! I looked at the "dashboard" of this blog and saw that I have posted here 100 times. That is a lot of joyful learning.

It is funny, because as I have discovered the blogosphere, some of my favorite people have decided to stop blogging. This has given me some food for thought, about why I love this blog, why I do it, what is important to me, etc.

When I started, I thought it would be so fun to have a record of what we do in our lives. Well, of course, as it turns out our life is too full for this to be a true running record of our lives. It is a snapshot, and a very tightly focused one at that. But it has been so fun to do this writing and recording, explore other blogs and the community of bloggers.

But, what is the focus here? Why do these things become what I blog about? Who is this blog for? Is it worth the energy? Is it keeping the focus in the center of my life as an active mama and authentic person and where I want to be?

I think it is.

I think that this blog reflects very well a special piece of who we are, who we love and what we enjoy.

My children both love to read it. They have asked me to blog about certain things we all do. At the same time, they are clear about what to share. We took a walk and found something special. I said, "Next time I should bring my camera!" The children said, "Yes! But don't put *this* on your blog, it is too private." And, I am keeping the pictures of Christmas morning to myself :)

In those and other ways, I feel that this place reflects all that we want to share, and none of what is too precious, internal or sacred to share with the world.

This blog is for our family. It is to reflect, to record and to create an energy that celebrates the every day epiphanies and delights.

So, although it is selfish (grin), I also hope that this gives our friends and family who wonder, "What do we *do* all day together? How can we not drive each other crazy?" a glimpse into how our every day life functions. I hope that others who wonder about home and unschooling can find some ideas here. I hope we can share some of what we love about where and how we live.

It is nice to have people visit, and visit myself in a way I could never get organized enough to do with scrapbooks or other logs.

I think I'll keep blogging for now. It is just too fun to stop.


harmonywood said...

I love to visit your blog.keep blogging! and especially if it is source of Joy to you.
Blogging for me has been a sort of therapy as well as a connection for the people who support our lifestyle and those who don't hehehe. Perhaps it can expand their world and inspire someone to seek joy in each and every day, cuz it IS there.
~marcia (livefreeinharmony ...on xanga)
happy new year!

Mama Podkayne said...

I glad you do! I love reading here. My child is small so it is very helpful to read how other people live unschooling so I can keep our inertia and my own confidence. :)

Jessica said...

Thanks Mama Podkayne and Harmonywood! I certainly didn't post that to get your lovely compliments, but it sure is nice *big grin*

Madeline said...

I love reading here too. And I hear you about the scrapbooking. I couldn't keep up with it on paper, but on my blog it is doable and so therapeutic, to me. It helps me to notice the moments more.