Monday, December 24, 2007

Ella and Boston went with Nana to the Nutcracker Ballet. It was a magical night by all accounts. They were beautiful, and B. was so excited to have Ella all to herself. She kept hugging and kissing Ella. They got all dolled up (I did their nails), and then they snuggled on the couch and read the Nutcracker book together.
Meanwhile, the boys and I had a great time, plus I got some one on one time with the fabulous Shyah while the boys wrestled and ignored me. She is a beautiful, smart, fun baby. I am so glad that she came along!


strawberry soda said...

Your mom looks beautiful, Jessica. And, of course, Ella and Boston are stunning, as well.

Jessica said...

Yeah, she's a, what are the kids calling them *g*?, a "cougar". A female silver fox :)