Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hyannis Harbor Lighting

This picture is for Mel (the gorgeous gal on the right) who "complained" I never have pictures of myself (the lady in the yellow coat).
That sweet girl is her daughter, and my dad is there on the left. That is his traditional Christmas scarf. He wears it every Christmas season. Sometimes, I feel like this blog is kind of a travelog for Cape Cod :) But, here goes again!

We LOVE the Hyannis Harbor Lighting. The boats circle the harbor, and there is music and chowder (what else?) and a lovely sense of community.

Sally's shop was all decked out for the holidays and it looked great. She was having a major sale! Note the eye patch on the bear. Some people are really pirate crazy *g*.

This year, Santa came in on the Duck Boat. Now, the duck boats are a bit low in the water, so there was some trouble getting Santa on to the Harbormaster's dock. Fortunately, he had plenty of elves there dressed in police uniforms to get him and Mrs. Claus up onto the dock.
Declan was a little nervous about Santa, but he went up to him, and Santa rubbed his head. He told he was, "too shy to have a chat about the robe". Oh, that kid is SO getting a cozy robe from Santa.


melmar said...

Yay! I am so happy to see that you finally decided to post a picture of your smiling face. Its like, the woman behind the blog is revealed.
I know sometimes you feel as if you are writing a Cape Cod Travel Log and this is often why I check in with your Blog. As you know, if I had my druthers, I would be in warmer climates during these frigid winter months. I find comfort reading your Blog and remembering all of the wonderful things about the Northeast and Ole Cape Cod. You are a true New Englander.
Happy Snowy Day!!!

Jessica said...

Hooray, you decided to post a comment! Now, you guys need a log *g*.