Monday, November 19, 2007

We Made Butter!

Declan and Ella shook, rattled and rolled their way to butter! It was really fun, especially since Ella decided that we HAD to do it to music!

Here is the finished product. Yummy. I think it was a little bit more like creme freche, which I want to make now.
Hmmmm....Mr. Delicate Palate is wondering if, and I quote, "It will be to {his} taste"
Oh, baby, yep, it is!

Now, I am wondering, too, if you can make butter from soy milk....if not, why not?


Madeline said...

First of all, that scarf is fantastic, as is the model. Congratulations Ella. And no, don't make butter from soy - yuck. but then, I am pretty anti-soy from reading lots of Weston Price traditional foods diet philosophy. Interesting stuff. So cool that you guys made butter!

Schuyler said...

I love Declan's after-face, absolutely surprise at how tasty it is. Wonderful!