Monday, November 5, 2007

Gobbling Up the Last of the Sunny Fall Days

We went on the Cape Cod Rail Trail today. It was a beautiful morning for a ride. You can see in the path there is quite an leaving of bits and pieces from the trees, but it was not too bumpy for riding.

We all rode three miles (round trip). It was about as far as Declan can do right now, and it was kind of complicated riding. There were more people out there than I thought! I guess lot of people are feeling like they need to have as much outside as possible right now.

It was cold enough to have to wear gloves, but we all just had long sleeved shirts and felt fine.

After, Ella had a craving for Wendy's and since we rarely rarely eat fast food, we stopped for some chicken nuggets. We decided not to do that again as the wicked fast food chemicals began to override the good endorphin flow we were feeling. We had to stop at a park on the way home and get more endorphins flowing.

Ella wants me to show her a math workbook this afternoon. She asked to do it! I'll keep you posted on how that turns out.


Kelly said...

It's always interesting to me to find another Declan. :) (Especially an unschooling one!)

Kelly in Texas (with a 6yo Declan of my own)

Madeline said...

I love seeing Declan. Even if he was only my fairy god child for a few days (and technically, he was Jesse's, not mine) I will always think he is the cutest red head who ever was.

My 7yo decided, in Staples last month, that he wanted workbooks he saw there and he has been doing them and calling them "homework". He got his 10yo brother to do them too. It's been interesting.