Monday, November 5, 2007

Stella and Ella

Stella is the newest member of our extended dog family. She is Meg and Pat's and she is the sweetest love. She has even melted Bags's heart, they are so cute together. This picture shows her personality perfectly. That is Bags's tail right in the corner of the picture.

In case you are wondering, Stella is a Bassador, which is a Basset Labrador mix. It is an incredibly cute combo, and pretty much just how you would imagine the mix would look. There are tons of photos of bassadors on flikr and you can see one here.


Madeline said...

Jessica, I am passing along a "You Make Me Smile" award to you and your blog! I just started reading here recently but you often have made me smile and laugh. You can get the award badge, to put on your blog, in my last post at my blog.

Hope the writing is going well.

Jessica said...

Thanks Madeline!!
That is so sweet!

Cindy said...

HI You're going to have a hard time if you go to yell at Ella and Stella, getting their names mixed up! My 2 kids are similarly named and I keep mixing them up.
Funny, my dog is half Basset and half Black Lab, though I don't think there is a special name for him.