Monday, November 19, 2007

Learning to Knit

Last winter, I became obsessed with knitting. Two winters ago, I tried to see if I could remember how, and I did, but by the time I was able to make anything t he weather was warmer and all those fun, chunky yarns that knit up so fast were not so fun any more.

During both of those seasons, Ella has determinedly tried to learn to knit. Since she is not crazy about writing (her hands get much more tired than when she types), and doesn't like to do things that have a lot of detailed directions, I approached teaching with much trepedation.

Each year, we tried different things. Someone else teaching her, teaching herself, getting a mushroom thingie, using a loom instead, crocheting (which I am much better at!), finger knitting.

It was all frustrating.

Until this year.

I got a book I have gotten for each winter, called Kids Knitting: projects for all ages. I strewed it in the bathroom.

It worked!! Hooray! Ella was finally ready! And while I was at work, she called to ask where the knitting needles were. I said I had seen some cool yarn (Lion Brand) at Ocean State Job Lot and I'd bring some home. And so, the scarf Declan is modeling above was born.

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