Sunday, November 4, 2007

Was that a hurricaine?!?!

I'll post pictures later. I am using the lap top, as the computers are not back up yet. We were really hit with some serious winds last night. A tree branch about 12 feet long hit our house right in between the windows. What a near miss!!

The power is back on, but not the phone or the cable. I wonder how my mom is doing right on the water! There must be a cell tower out, since our cell phones aren't working. but we'll take a drive later to view the damage and to make some calls.

We had a lovely chili dinner last night (I had cooked all morning so there was food ready while I am NaNoWriMo-ing (is that a verb lol). Tom and Jenny braved the walk through the yards to joins us.

All is well and the sun is out.

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Madeline said...

Let us know what happened. And I am cheering you on with the nano-ing. I heard about it on Oct. 31st and thought about joining (life long dream of mine) but realized I had too many people visiting this month. Hang in there!!! You are a great writer. How exciting that your daughter is doing it as well.