Sunday, January 27, 2008

We're off to see the Wizard

It was definitely organized chaos wrangling hundreds of children into groups of poppies, munchkins, and flying monkeys. The flying monkeys were already zooming around!

Ella is a munchkin, and she is so excited! This picture is stinky, but you can see Ella in the turquoise shirt right in front when they were learning the jitterbug.
She was thrilled to be cast in the Wizard of Oz at the high school, along with some of her friends. Yesterday we went to rehearsal and the director of the show had such a wonderful energy and it was really great. I am so glad that Ella has had so many positive drama mentors.


Madeline said...

You're on my list of excellent blogger recipients because you are so excellent! See my blog for details.

Life With Us said...

Congratulations Ella! Middlboro High is also doing the Wiz we may go see it.

Anne O said...

Wah. I miss you.

But I'm happy to *peek* in on you here.


Madeline said...

I miss you bloggin! Are you ok?