Saturday, January 12, 2008

Shellvers Make ATCs

We made ATCs at the library with our Junior Volunteers. They choose the name Shell-ver last year. Get it? Shelving books, shells since we are near the ocean. Hee hee.

We definitely introduced a couple of the girls to a new passion. There are a couple of boy volunteers, as well, but they were on the computer during this activity.

The volunteers have worked really hard this year so far. They did face painting, balloon selling and clean up at the Attic Sale, and they were great elves during the Centerville Stroll. We celebrated the accomplishments of the last year and got ready to keep on going with an ATC making pizza party.

We got a fabulous donation of pizza from Not Your Average Joe's, and although I wasn't sure that the kids would like the bread they gave us with olive oil and garlic and Parmesan cheese dipping sauce, but they ate it all up!

Even Declan got his creative juices flowing with some ATCs on Batman!


strawberry soda said...

Oh my! I LOVE the idea of ATC! I never knew that there was an organized effort! Both my older boys make their own trading cards, and card games, and sell and/or share them at our hs craft fairs. Oh my, this is going to be BIG in our house. Even I want to make a card! How did you hear about this, and have your kids done this before?

Also, I like the new music/slide show. I might add that to my own blog. And I already stole your Shelfari widget. I think that I am a Jessica wannabe.

You are so cool. Will you be my friend? We can talk about only you?

Jessica said...

ATCs are awesome. There is a yahoo group called imagination tribe (mostly unschoolers, but many others, too) that trades them frequently. I like that group because there are some really talented artists and some very enthusiastic kids, so I fit somewhere in there.

Oh, you know, we can talk about me any time *smile*.