Friday, January 25, 2008

MIT revisited

"Oh, I am so happy to be learning something new! I do so love this place. And don't I look cute here?"

Oh how we love this place! It is so fun to go and learn and the coordinator there does an amazing job. This time we were exploring laser pointers and mirrors. The kids had to get the laser through a maze using mirrors to make the light turn the corners. It was so fun to see how Declan really got the idea. He also really loved the laser pointer.

The coordinator there does a lot of programs for kids who go to school in Cambridge. When I taught there, I remember that there were some issues about laser pointers. They had to be "banned", and there were lots of urban legends that the kids knew about laser pointers on the subway, in their neighborhoods, ones that were brought to school, and other things.

When the coordinator asked the homeschool kids from Cape Cod about the laser pointer, they didn't even know what it was. Hee hee. I am living in a whole different world from where I came, baby.
This is the strobe light operating machine for the strobe pictures that they took. Ella got to operate the strobe light and say "Ready Set Go". Too fun.

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strawberry soda said...

I don't get it. What is the danger of laser pointers? What is the threat if some thugs use them?