Saturday, August 4, 2007


Welcome to the first blog message on this blog about our life journey.
We are a family of four (mom, dad, son and daughter) and we have a bunch of house pets (dogs, cat, bird, turtle). A few years ago, we decided to try a year as home schoolers and three years later we are still at it. As D turns five, he is officially becoming a "home schooler" I guess.
But, we are not school at home people. When we decided to bring our daughter home from school for good, it seemed silly to recreate school (which wasn't functional) in our home (which was functional).
In one of those great serendipity moments facilitated by the internet, I happened upon the Live and Learn conference in Peabody, Massachusetts. Since it wasn't too far away, we decided to drive up for the day. It was an amazing experience to see all these wonderful children and families not just surviving but *thriving* without school. I had never even thought that a whole, full, life could be lived without experiencing school.
But, I was so, joyfully, wrong. What learning! What life! No school! It was Mind Blowing.
So, to clarify the title of the blog, although I am home with my children as they learn, and it is joyful to have them here, the title refers to me.
My children, thankfully, live in joy.
*I* am learning to embrace joy and find it along my path. I know it is there, I have to learn to see it as clearly as my children do.

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