Saturday, August 11, 2007


My nieces and nephews are here for a visit this weekend. They are so awesome! I love having them here, and I love being here playing with them and with my children.

I am always grateful that they can be so close. Although my kids are home schooled and the cousins are in school, and they have a city life and we have a country life, they are all so close and loving to each other, the differences seem minor; in fact they melt away.

Today, we went to a birthday party for the daughter of my oldest friend. We have known each other since kindergarten! We have not always stayed in contact, but now we live less then 5 miles from each other. I had not met her sister's husband or kids, or seen her mom in years. It is funny how little people change, and yet how lives evolve. I hope *I* am not the same. I hope I move through this life manifesting the changes I feel inside.

I brought the kids and cousins, and we had a blast. It reminded me of all the big bashes we have had for all the kids in the past. Now, we are so happy to do what the kids want, not have a party that the adults will enjoy. One year, I had a luau for Ella, and it was a great party ~ tons of people, *great* decorations, tons of food. One year for Declan we had a big cook out themed party at my mom's with a huge cake we made that looked like a Hamburger.

This year, we have had much mellower, kid-directed parties. Ella actually wanted a big party, but we just had kids and kid food, with kid games and crafts. Declan had the cousins for a sleep over and played video games, and watched The Chronicles of Narnia and Shark Boy and Lava Girl. The older cousins (my 10 year old and nephew who is 9) played Shark Boy and Lava Girl for a long time, and now the youngers (5 - my son and 5 - my neice) love to play it.

So fun!

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Lori said...

we are hs'ing friends with the ice princess from shark boy and lava girl. Her mom and I used to practice ballet in my backyard, and my dd has many hand-me-downs from Sasha. That's life in the big city.