Wednesday, August 29, 2007

On having a son....

I love being a mom. But being a mom to a son is whole new level of motherhood to love. My little guy (the red head) is fortunate that I had his cousin (the brown haired boy) to train me in the ways of Ninja motherhood :)
He is so wonderfully boyish. He brings out my masculine side. We play with swords, and video games, and read about planets and stars and discuss trading card games.
It is so different from my first 5 years of being a mom to a girl.
I love the balance I feel in this experience.
Lucky, thankful me!
We are going on a trip. I keep calling it a "trip".
Yesterday, my son asked, "Is a trip like a vacation?"
I said, "Yes!" Thrilled that maybe now he would get caught up in the excitement his sister I are feeling and he just hasn't joined in yet.
"Oh," he says - dejected! "What are we taking a vacation from?"
Ha! Lucky him, and lucky me! We have a vacation life (at least in his mind!). Yay!
Now, I don't mind at all that he is not excited. It is just one more wonder in a life of wonder.
Oh, and I said it was a vacation from our usual routines, and a vacation from cooking for me.


AnneO said...

Well, that just brought tears to my eyes. I certainly hope I will be one of the ones you fling your arms around! I know this *trip* will be just glorious. :)

Deanne said...

I love that, "a vacation from what?" It took a while for my kids to grasp the concept of a vacation too. Now it usually means going somewhere other than home to have fun.

Christy said...

I love having a boy! He has extended my life and interests by so much.