Saturday, June 21, 2008

What a game!

And although I have been obsessed by the Celtics championship, I don't mean that game.

I mean t-ball. How fun is that game? That's the D-dog in the red shorts and white/blue hat.

Declan decided to play this spring again, and he has loved it. He was kind of not really really sorta ready for it last spring. I think the lying down in the outfield was the clue that he was not quite into it.

Fast forward to season 2008! Whadda battah!

He is so into it. Not even the cicadas could distract him. He said that he loved t-ball, but really felt he needed to play to get ready for little league. So sweet. This season his coaches were great and really engaged all the players. They made a team out of the kids, which really didn't happen last season and made for some wicked awesome Saturday mornings this spring!

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strawberry soda said...

Yeah, Declan! You are an awesome ball player! Next time, hit the call all the way to my house, and then I'll throw it back!