Saturday, June 28, 2008

Freezing Things

Lately, both my kids have been freezing their poor LEGO guys. My freezer is like a little Ice Age wasteland that gets discovered every couple of days.

Yesterday, a friend came over and they flung open the freezer door to show all these plastic cups and containers with little LEGO skeletons, Indiana Jones, Race Car Guy, and Stormtroopers. She was completely perplexed as am I. But they were proud and delighted and love freezing these guys.

Can you see the skeleton below? I guess it does look way cooler than when they were freezing the plastic snakes and lizards.

What? Oh, I didn't mention that this wasn't completely new? :) Oh, yeah, snakes and lizards in my freezer are so last week.

1 comment:

strawberry soda said...

I think that I left that Reese's in the back of your freezer. Save it for me, would ya?