Monday, May 19, 2008


Well. I wasn't going to post a bunch of stuff about how frustrating I am finding school, but that is making for a very quiet blog. Ella's teachers are very innovative and creative and funky, a little like Miss. Hussey if you know Chasing Vermeer. But, there are still bumps in the road.

So, today. Ella has homework. She takes so long doing this homework, and it is not because she doesn't know the information, it is because she wants to really understand the questions.

Or, she wants to be funny. One question was:

"The switch that turns things on and off in _______."
She didn't know this one, nor did I.
So she wrote, in "a switch-like fashion"
Hee hee.
Better than a blank or a question mark, I think.

After a long time writing about light, energy, magnetism and solids, liquids and gases, we finally get to the last question. It goes a little something like this:

"What 1 thing can fill a hose, a pail, and a house?"
She says, "I know they want me to say 'gas', but couldn't you pull a concrete truck up to your house and fill it with a liquid and then a solid? Couldn't you flood your house? Would the water eventually just pass out of the house, is that why gas is the *1* thing? Oh, I'll just write gas."

Sad. I told her she should write all that stuff, but she didn't want to. The blank line was really short.

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