Friday, May 9, 2008

Ode to our Library

As you know, if you are reading here regularly, we LOVE our local library. The fireplace! The chess set! The on-going puzzles! The books! The DVDs! We just love it.

So, when we can give back, we do. Last weekend, the library had their semi-annual Children's Attic Sale of clothes and toys. The sale benefits the library, and in addition the library hands out a ton of free passes to the schools for the neediest families to just come and get stuff.

The Shell-vers volunteered to help out, run a raffle, and face paint. A good time was had by all, and I think Ella is getting to be a pretty great face painter! Those pictures above are on her own hand, practicing. By the way, that bracelet is pretty cool and something we made on Earth Day at the library. It is all white until exposed to UV light, then it turns colors to remind you that you are being exposed! Another benefit of our groovy library and all it has to offer.


Madeline said...

Her painting is awesome. I too looove my library. I would like to be a librarian if the others at our library weren't so weird. I like your new website a lot.

mummabare said...

yay for libraries...we love our too!

happy mothers day!